About Sartizan - Sabrina Nelson


About Sartizan

Who am I? 

I’m Sabrina, a Scottish lass (Nerd Alert!) that has a love for games, comics, films, book and tv series. That love has developed so much that I HAD to make polymer clay creations. I initially started making charms and then after some research I noticed there were no subtle and tiny earrings for comic lovers out there so, as I developed my skills I decided to make earrings out of cane slices, they ended up so tiny! After a couple of years it still wasn’t enough for me...

I gradually started to convert my charms into figurines that could stand alone with their own platforms. They are called Sartyfigs (a mash of Sartizan and figurines) This is where I am now. I mainly focus on game characters from Dragon Age and Mass Effect however I have done custom Sartyfig characters from fandoms such as The Witcher, Voltron etc!

At the beginning of 2019 I started designing enamel pins after I got obsessed with collecting them and I haven’t stopped since! They are little pieces of art, you can wear! 🤯

I focused on designing portraits of my favourite characters and have gradually designed other types such as book pins, armor and even space ships and vehicles. I can’t stop! I won’t stop!


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Mobile - 07590398716