Conditions for P4P Leftover ADD-ONS

Conditions for Add-ons

I’ve decided to dedicate this page for information on my Add-on listings as I feel I need to make it clear on the conditions to qualify for the add-on pins.

What are add-ons listings?

These listings are a little different than my normal listings as they are Freebies, in order to qualify for one of these, you must purchase non add-on pin of mine or purchase a Sartyfig and then the add-on pin will act as a freebie. The add-ons are free due to the P4P slots all being filled during the P4P run and since I can not make profit from P4Ps pins they are free. (I just told you the same thing three different ways) In simple terms Add-ons are FREE. The stock for Add-on pins is very limited as they are leftovers from P4P runs so the quantity can vary from listing to listing.


  • You have to purchase something else in my shop to qualify for the Add-on, it can be pins or Sartyfigs (Sartizan figurines)
  • P4Ps do not count as another purchase. Other Add-ons do not count as another purchase either. You will know what is what as they will have P4P or ADD-ON in the listing title.
  • If you’d like multiple different add-ons you would need to purchase that same amount of non add-on listings in order to qualify them. For example if you order 1x Bichen Add-on pin and 1x Suibian Add-on pin then you would need to order 1x Garrus Pin and 1x Tali pin (Bichen & Suibian are MDZS, Garrus & Talk are Mass effect) so basically 1 add-on pin = 1 normal listing, 2 add-ons = 2 normal listings etc.
  • Each Add-on listing is limited to only ONE pin per customer so if you would like two of the same pin that’s not possible. I have done it this way so that everyone has equal opportunity to get the pins. If you add more than one of the same pin I will cancel and refund your whole order.

If any one of these conditions are not met I will cancel your order. Please read these carefully as it will make the whole process easier for everyone. 

If you are ever unsure please contact me via my email