FAQs - Sartyfigs

Do you take custom orders?
    • Yes I do take custom requests. If I feel it is within my capability I will accept however I also have the right to decline a custom request. If you are interested in a custom order simply email me or message me and we can discuss further.

    • The lack of arms on my Sartyfigs is simply my style. Personally I hate how arms look on my figurines. If you ask for a custom figurine of character from me it will not have arms. I try and make my figurines super detailed as compensation for missing limbs.

    The price of your figurines fluctuate between figurine to figurine, why?
    • I price my figurines on the amount of detail and time it takes to make it. If the price is slightly higher than others it means that figurine needs more time dedicated to it for me to complete it. More sculpting is required. 

    What is the turnaround period for a figurine?
    • Depending on what the figurine entails it can take me up to 1 to 4 weeks to make.

    What do you use to make your figurines?
    • Polymer clay. It is an oven baked clay that hardens when heat is applied and becomes sort of plastic like.

    Do you use moulds to create your figurines? 
    • No, each figurine is handsculpted by me from scratch. This is why no two figurines will ever look the same, I am not a robot!

    Do you ship worldwide?
    • Yes!