FAQs Pins/ Preorders

How long will a Pin preorder take to completely fund? 

  • It can vary. It entirely depends on how popular the design is. I do try and promote the preorders as much as possible. I also tend to put any funds I can towards the preorders as well so they will fund quicker. It took take several weeks or months. I do try and keep everyone updated on the progress.

How long does Pin production take?

  • The suppliers I use usually take 3 to 5 weeks to make the pins and send them to me. Depending on the amount of designs I may have, can also affect this time range. 

When can I expect the pins?

  • As I said it can vary depending on the two points above. I organise all the packages before the pins even arrive so when they do I can efficiently sort the pins and post them. Delivery for the UK can take up to seven days, they are sent first class but it entirely depends on the postal service. Delivery to anywhere else can take up to 30 days. It is a lengthy process so keep that in mind when ordering.

How can I contact you with an inquiry?

  •  You can message me on here if there is ever an issue. There is also my email address - I am also on social media if that’s easier. Social links are all over my website! Instagram, Facebook etc!

What if I order something along side a preorder?

  • Whatever you order with a pin preorder will not be sent until I have the preorders pins in hand. This is to combine postage/shipping and packaging costs. I do prepare the packages so everything is set aside ready to go. 

What are seconds?

  • Seconds are pins that are not A-grade pins, meaning they could have defects such as dents, scratches and dust spots. Seconds are sold at a lower price due to this. I personally have a very high standard of what A-grades pins are so my seconds are anything less than perfect. Seconds are randomised ie chosen randomly if ordered, so you could get a pin with just a dust spot, or a pin that has just a scratch. They also won’t be packaged the same as A-grade pins, they will have no backing card or packaged in a clear cellophane bag. Just a resealable bag I receive them in. 

 What is a P4P pin?

  • P4P or pay for production pins are different than my normal preorders as all the funds go towards production/postage and I get no profit from them whatsoever. More units are available which in turns means the pins will generally be at a much lower price than my normal preorder pins/general pins. Once a P4P is over, the pins will no longer the available as I can not sell them after the P4P ends.