FAQ - Shipping Information/ Issues

DECEMBER 2020 SHIPPING PRICES INCREASED • The postal service in the UK - Royal Mail have reviewed and changed their prices due to Brexit therefore I have updated my shipping profiles to reflect that. I have returned Standard shipping as an option as well as Tracked. You need to select which one you’d prefer at checkouts otherwise it will default to Standard, this means no tracking number.

Due to the Coronavirus there may delays in shipping and receiving orders.  This is something that none of us can control so I would really appreciate patience and understanding during this time.

  •  Is there an estimated time frame for international orders?
I can not give a specific time frame as it varies from country to country and depends on their postal service. However from experience it has taken up to 30 days to 5-6 weeks for things to arrive, 2 weeks being the minimum amount of time. Everything is extremely delayed.
  • Will there be a delay in shipping due to the COVID-19?
 Yes. There may be a delay in receiving any orders I have sent out before Mid March/April 2020. The UK is has been going in and out lockdowns and things are still not safe therefore I am limiting my visits to the post office. I have a means to send out UK orders safely, as well as non tracked international orders. For tracked international orders it’s a little harder as I feel it’s not worth the risk to go to the post office if I just have one order, so I will only so do when I have accumulated orders. You will receive a shipping notification and a tracking number once I have shipped off your order. Please stay safe everyone.


    • Will the pins be affected by Covid-19?
    I can understand the concern for the pins themselves being affected by the virus. Do not worry, there is no need to disinfect the pins I send you - I will be giving the pins a good clean for anyone concerned. Since the virus can not survive on a surface for more than several hours, once I package my orders I will be putting them aside sealed. 

    • When I go to check my order status is says “We are getting your order ready” but it has been shipped. What does this mean? What is going on?
    Unless you actively select the tracking shipping option at checkout I send all my packages standard mail meaning there is no tracking. For some odd reason, that is beyond my understanding, when I ship my orders my website will say “we are getting your order ready” this is clearly not true, as you should all receive a shipping notification as soon I fulfil your order (please check your mail spam folders) The reason it will keeping saying “we are getting your order ready” is that since there is no tracking number it can not update. It’s really stupid but it’s not something I can control.