Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund policy is only in effect within 60 days of purchase. 60 days is the time frame where refunds can occur, any time after it is no longer possible. Preorders may exceed this time frame so keep this in mind when ordering. 

If you suspect your order is lost, a claim can only be made after 30 days of order being posted.

If you are in the UK then contact me at at this time I can look into the matter. I will either offer a refund or a replacement if possible. 

If you are outside the UK and it has been over 40 days since your order was posted, then contact me at If you selected the tracking shipping option at checkout and have a tracking number that was provided upon order fulfilment then please contact your local postal/courier service and inquire about the status of the tracking number, please so do promptly as the tracking number will expire and then nothing can be done. Once an order is outside of the UK I can be of no further assistance and it is no longer my responsibility, it is yours. After that if you still haven’t received your order then I can only offer refund or a replacement.

If a package/order is returned to me and delivery could not be made for any reason I will contact you for further information. If I hear nothing from you within a reasonable time frame, I will refund the money for your purchases excluding the shipping. The shipping will not be refunded due the order being shipped out and fulfilled initially. 

If you have any issues please feel to contact me at

P4Ps (Pay for production)

Due to the nature of a P4P, quantity is very limited in the first place and since all pins are accounted for during the initial P4P run I can not send replacements or offer refunds as the all the funds go towards production of the pins. Please keep this in mind when ordering any P4Ps.