Handmade Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian Figurine
Handmade Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian Figurine

Handmade Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian Figurine

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Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect! SMOOCH! 

2020 Redesign! The suit is my interpretation of the generic ME3 armour, I take artistic liberties in some places so the Chibi would look good. 


IMPORTANT⭐️ This Chibi is made to order. As this is handmade and made to order the figurine you will receive will not look exactly like the figurine displayed in the image. The colours may vary or be slightly different as I hand mix the clay anew for each figurine however I do try my hardest to get them similar. 

No two will look exact but that's the novelty of handmade items - each one will be unique but equally adorable. 

Since it is MADE TO ORDER it will take time to make, however I give updates on progress of the order. 



Height - approx 5.7cm

Circumference of stand- 2cm

  • Has been glazed for extra endurance from the elements.
  • Been made with grey, black, blue, pearl, silver and flesh coloured clay polymer clay. 
  • Packing plastic has been use for the eye piece.
  • Acrylic paint used for face tattoos.
  • Has a grey stand for figurine. 


*IMPORTANT NOTE* Handle this figurine with care and respect, if treated poorly it will break as there is fragile pieces to this figurine. I have tried to make it as sturdy as I could however anything will break with enough force.


Disclaimer - Character belongs to Bioware.