[P4P] TGCF Xie Lian’s Luck Hard Enamel Pin

[P4P] TGCF Xie Lian’s Luck Hard Enamel Pin

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These are unclaimed pins during the initial P4P preorder run. Not all slots were filled during the P4P initial run so I paid the difference, out of my own pocket, to get them into production. I DO NOT make any profit from these. I never have, and never will. 

Another TGCF P4P? Why yes it is! Xie Lian’s Luckwith Hua Cheng’s love guiding him! (That’s my interpretation!) When I first read TGCF this scene made me so happy and so I had to make a pin of it. 

 IMPORTANT -  I get NO PROFIT from getting these pins made or selling them. I designed these pins because I love the characters and the story so much. TGCF IS LIFE 🦊🍁

⭐️Pins have not been graded, this means some pins will have defects and flaws apparent as I’m not doing a quality control check. 

⭐️ As this is a P4P and the quantity is limited, once the pins are sent out there will not be enough to send out replacements if the package is lost. Please keep this in mind when ordering and if there is any problems please contact me - sabrinan@sartizan.co.uk

✨ I am not responsible for the loss of your order, if it is lost, I suggest contacting your local courier or postal service with the tracking number that I provide you once I send off your order if you selected tracked shipping.

If you happen to purchase another item that is a preorder or P4P then your order will not be shipped until those pins are made. This is to combine and save on shipping costs.  


Details of Pin

  • Hard Enamel
  • 40 mm (length)
  • Rubber backing
  • Sartizan Backstamp 
  • Screen-printed elements 
  • Rose Gold Plated

Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on monitors as calibrations are different on every monitor.