Sartizan Reach the Heavens Hard Enamel Pin

Sartizan Reach the Heavens Hard Enamel Pin

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So this design is a little different than most of my pins, it’s an original design of mine, it is not tied to any fandom! Shocking I know!  I’ve been working on this design trying to get it the way I want it and I’m finally happy with it - I drew a hand, a body part that isn’t a face! This design is very special to me as I’m doing something I have never done with this design - a gradient! The gradient is supposed to signify the night sky, something I adore seeing when the sun sets. All in all this design has many firsts for me. I hope you like it! 

Instagram - Sartizan.xx

Twitter - SabzNelson

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Details of Pin

  • Hard Enamel
  • Gold Plated, polished finish
  • 35mm
  • Double posted for security and balance
  • Screen printing gradient 
  • Embossed backstamp
  • Butterfly Clasp Backing
  • Backing card included

Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on monitors as calibrations are different on every monitor. The gradient may appear different on screen than will it real life due to the process of screenprinting.