[SECONDS - B Grade] Sartizan SUNSET LANTERNS Hard Enamel Pin

[SECONDS - B Grade] Sartizan SUNSET LANTERNS Hard Enamel Pin

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These are B Grades of My Sunset Lanterns pin. I don’t accept anything less than perfect for an A grade so B grades defects I deem as minor - you probably wouldn’t notice unless I pointed it out to you...haha! 

B Grades/Seconds have defects and that’s why they are cheaper than the original pin. The defects can be scratches, dust spots, small indents in the enamel at random areas, parts where the enamel isn’t level with the rest of the enamel (was not filled properly), missing enamel, missing metal parts etc. Defects are only on certain parts of the pin and not the whole pin. A pin will randomly be picked from the Seconds grade pile. B Grade pins will not be sent on a/with a backing card but the plastic bag it came in. 

✨ I am not responsible for the loss of your order, if it is lost, I suggest contacting your local courier or postal service 
with the tracking number that I provide you once I send off your order.

If you happen to purchase preorder item/ P4P besides this then your order will not be shipped until those pins are made. This is to combine and save on shipping costs. 

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Details of Pin

  • Hard Enamel
  • 40 mm
  • Double Backed
  • Butterfly clasp
  • Sartizan Backstamp 
  • Rose Gold Plated

Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on monitors as calibrations are different on every monitor.